First Yoga Then Brunch

From the first inhalation through my nose to the last exhalation from my mouth I knew I was in the right place that Sunday. The weight of the week had led me to the mat at Meeyogi’s Yoga and Brunch event in downtown Tampa. I had only a few things on my mind but they carried much weight and this yoga session was just what I needed. 

Over the last couple of years I have placed my mental health and well-being as top priority. Spiraling into depression after having my youngest daughter, accompanied with anxiety, I literally had no other choice but to do so or die. Thankfully I was able to regain control over my life with the help of professional counseling, herbal anti-depressant pills, and yoga. My yoga practice serves for both physical and mental benefits. Not only does yoga allow me to center my focus but also sends a message of self love to my physical being, letting it know that it is important and that I am relying on it to physically support me on my journey. 

The calm and sweet tone of Mya’s voice made for an instant secure and peaceful environment. Laying there on the mat as we begin. Slow and steady tears started to stream down both sides of my face. I didn’t care who noticed, in that moment, even in a room full of people I was able to find my center. As the session continued the collective higher energy circulated the room. Mya challenged our bodies and minds with her series of poses. I loved every minute of is. My inner lion definitely found its roar. 

Tampa’s favorite yoga instructor, Mya Cato and Latoria Polite at the Yoga and Brunch event June 10th, 2018

Tampa’s favorite yoga instructor, Mya Cato and Latoria Polite at the Yoga and Brunch event June 10th, 2018

By the time the yoga session was over, the aroma of brunch kindly welcomed us to continue our Meeyogi Tribe experience. Her signature mimosa was a great compliment to my blackened fish and grits I ordered and YES it had cheese in them! Making new connections with the other beautiful souls who attended while having a reflective conversation with my friend over good food and the downtown Tampa city view made for the perfect combination for any Sunday morning. I can not wait for the next one July 8th. 

Get your tickets now because the last one sold out!