3 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Growing

Dealing with proper maintenance of your hair can become very frustrating for some, even when you think you are doing all the right things. I believe in the days of social sharing there is a misconception that we all can have waist length hair and that is so far from the truth! 

As I shared on a recent IG post. Our hair is made up of the second fastest growing cells in our body's! Although that seems pretty impressive, unfortunately it's not. Because our hair is not a vital organ or tissue, our bodies will never prioritize it's nutritional needs as top priority. This leads me to one of the reasons your hair may not be growing: 

  1. The Lack of Nutritional Needs- In the event of nutritional deficiency, it is most likely to become apparent in the health of your hair. As I stated above, your body doesn't consider the health of your hair as important as the rest of your vitals. Having a lack in nutrition can result in your hair and scalp becoming dry as well as shedding a little more than you may expect.

    Here's what to do: Make sure you are getting proper nutrition on a daily bases by food and/or supplements. Plant based supplements fill in the blanks as I like to say. They are going to give you what you are missing in your diet because everyone isn’t a fan of brussel sprouts. Hair growth vitamins are also a staple in having healthy hair. While supplements help with overall nutritional needs, hair vitamins gives you more of what your hair needs.

  2. Hair Hybernation- No it's not a myth. It's one of the 3 stages of the hair growth cycle and it's called Telogen. Telogen, or the resting state can last for about 100 days! That’s a little over a whole 3 months! Now granted, all strains are not in the same stage at the same time, but this definitely can explain why sometimes nothing seems to be happening even with the best of hair care.

    Here's what to do: Continue your regular healthy hair regimen which should include periodically clipping your ends, applying both protein and moisture treatments, as well as a scalp detox. You don't want to negatively contribute to your hair being dormant.

  3. Product Build-up- This one bothers me the most and I'm sure its because its the most controllable factor. Youtube and at home hair guru's has everyone thinking that olive oil and coconut oil should be applied to EVERYTHING! Truth be told, without getting all nerdy on you, unless the molecules are fractionated or broken down the oil will only clog your cuticle causing it to become a repellent instead of a sealant as intended. Products that have olive and coconut oil in them are great! Plopping virgin olive and coconut oil on your hair is not! *insert face palm emoji Product build up not only happens with your hair shaft, it can also cake up on our scalp. Have you ever seen a flower bloom through concrete? Your scalp should be soil, good ground that promotes growth.

    Here's what to do: GET RID OF THE GUNK! Buildup Buster by DevaCurl is great for this! It gently removes product build-up from your hair and scalp without stripping which allows your products to penetrate deeper for better results.

Have questions about your hair regimen? Leave them in the comments below!